The solution Concept Forest Bag

The solution

A definitive storage and a direct delivery at your customers without handling.
The highlight of the Big Bag is the easy handling of the stored products.
After having been filled in the forest or on site, the big bag can directly been delivered to the customer or emptied into a trailer. The Forest Bag are used for the drying of the green wood or recently produced wood.
This method activates the drying of logs over 1 year or less according to wooden types and to regions.
They are ideal to facilitate the management and the estimation of the stocks of various lengthes.
Reduced long-term financial fixed assets.


The strategy of the direct forest in your reach >>> from the forest direct to the customers

Forest Bag are:

  • Ventilated (the canvas insure the flow and the evaporation of the humidity)
  • Reusables
  • Drainables

They can be stacked in long-term static storage.
Maximal protection of the canvas and the loops against UV.
Easier handling.
Time saving during the handlings and the transport.
The use of this packaging c an apply to the storage of onions, garlic, squashs, walnut, potatoes, cereal, ….

Big Bag bois de chauffage petit volume 0,3 stère

Big Bag small volume
Equivalent 0.3 stere
in bulk cutwood in 50 cm
50 x 53 x 100 cm – 500kg

Big Bag de réemploi ventilé et son support

Re used Big Bag
90 x 90 x 180/200 cm
1250 kg
filling skirt
emptying spout
ventilated canvas

Big Bag bois sec

Big Bag for the dry wood
92 x 92 x 145 cm
1000 kg
Integrated cover
Equivalent 1 stere in bulk cutwood in 50 cm


Option :
black cover with 4 links in the corners
120 x 120 cm
140 x 140 cm