The supports Big Bag

The supports Big Bag

Maintain / storage support

Flexible support according to your needs

Open or closed base – Entraxe of 95cm or 120cm
Various heights of tubes from 100 cm to 300 cm

Option : retention tank (with filtering big bag) for the filtration of the rejections

Support de maintien Big Bag pour le stockage


Foldable maintaining support (Suitable for FOREST BAG©)

It can be assembled, disassembled and transported by a single person
thanks to his practical and light conception (30 kg max).
Minimum congestion once folded.
Exist in 2 heights : 120 or 150 cm – entraxe 90 cm
Help to the maintain of big bag with 4 and 2 lifting points

Multi-purpose support which suits as well for a use with Forest Bag directly in forest or on a construction site.

Big Bag bois de chauffage et son support ECO SELECT


Static maintaining support (Suitable for FOREST BAG©)

Automatic hold of the Forest Bag with 4 and 2 lifting points
Help filling Forest Bag
Very robust, easy use
Suitable for intense use and performance

Perfectly adapted to the use with our range of Forest Bag©

Big Bag bois de chauffage OPTIFOREST


Help filling Forest Bag®

Fully hot galvanized station
Which adapts to different models of bags / height adjustable
Time saving, filling accuracy
Use : wood chips, sand, soil ….

Option : Adaptation filling spout

TREMIE de remplissage Big Bag grâce au support ECO SELECT

Emptying valves

Valve ¼ turn
For fine products, liquids, cereal
∅ 70 mm

Settles down on big bag with flat bottom, empty or full, with or without emptying spout

For the compact products
(Ex: mulch, sawdust, chips)
Ø 150 mm

Settles down on empty big bag with an emptying spout

Vid bag
For all products Ø 140 mm
Allows a big flow

Settles down on big bag with flat bottom or with spou

Granular products, seeds, food
Ø 100 mm to 130 mm

Accessoire pour Big Bag: cone bag

Settles down on the emptying spout of an empty or full big bag

Create your tailored silo ! Your cereal will be out of range of pests
The Silobag * : Choose a support + 1 valve and 4 tubes (height from 100 to 300 cm)

*Also consult us for the big bag
Montage type du Vid Bag sur un Big Bag avec goulotte

SPREADER for big bags

Modèles 1000 Kg – 2000 kg – 3000 Kg
Models : 1000kg – 2000kg – 3000kg
Usable with the forks of a forklift truck or a hook of crane.
For a safe prehension of big bag

Palonnier pour Big Bag


Precut in rolls of 50 units
Thickness 70 microns – anti-UV treatment
Food quality, without certificate.
They guarantee a waterproofness for the pulverulent products or prevent the taking of humidity for the bagged products

Housse prédécoupée pour Big Bag et fûts